CCM300--HHO carbon cleaning machine for motorcycle
parameters1:Model: CCM300
parameters2:Rated gas production: 300L/h
parameters3:Carbon cleaning for motorcycle



                             HHO engine carbon cleaning machine for motorcycle


1. The principle of HHO motorcycle carbon cleaning machine is HHO generator or Brown gas generator.

2. HHO gas can greatly improve the horsepower of engine by cleaning carbon deposition.  You can feel the improving of horsepower after carbon cleaning.

3. Emission will be reduced. It can reduce the CO2, NOX greatly. HHO gas produced from water, finally generate water. It will make environment protection easier.

4. Save time and cost for you. Easy to operate, only need 15 minutes to complete it.

5.Compared with traditional carbon cleaning ways, it will not cause any demage to the automotive.

6.CE, ISO9001


The workflow of HHO engine carbon cleaning machine for motorcycle:


Features of S&S New Energy Carbon Cleaning Machine:

1) The power supply: Inverter DC resonance power supply is made of imported IGBT power valve. The electrolysis efficiency is high and electrolysis current is stable and adjustable. It can long-term work 24-hours continuous. Other manufacturers use silicon controlled rectifier, efficiency of power supply is low.
2) Electrolysis Cell: It adopts large precise mould to integrated formed, prevent from explosion and leakage, work life is long. It is suitable for kinds of complicated working condition.
3) Radiation system: Reasonable structured radiation design of three-dimensional air flue ensures the radiation effect, no need to cooling by water cycle.
4) Safety system: Safety system adopts multi-level swing type water seal design, detects and controls the safe water level automatically, ensures 100% prevent from backfire, dry-free type flashback arrestor .
5) Control system: Control water level and pressure automatically, exception catch setting, stabilize the pressure device.
6) Water and gas separation system: Gravity swing water and gas separation system, water vapor collection and backflow design, ensure that there is no moisture in the gas output pipe.
7) Others: Professional research and develop team lead by Energy major specialty Doctor. ISO9000 quality management system, China Compulsory Certification (CCC), EU CE certification.


Factory Display:

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